Smells Like Spring

Driving up the main street to our home, there have been some beautiful plum trees that are really starting to bloom. For a couple of weeks I have admired them passing by, but today I actually stopped to take their picture. I am really trying to slow down to enjoy the little things that makes my heart sing.

The perfumed fragrance hit me before I even got close enough to take a picture. I'm glad I pulled over. Seeing it was pretty enough, but to inhale it made it extraordinary....

...and of course it IS my favorite color - pink!


Beau-tea-ful Photos

Received the link to view the beautiful professional photos from Bob Ortiz of the Assoc. of Bridal Consultants Fashion Show and Tea Party from last week.

Bob, you are so very kind for participating and you continue to show off your great talent.

Click here to view his slide show of the event.


Don't Let This Happen to You

If you are a bride, don't let this happen to you:


Hire a Wedding Consultant!!

Be sure to click on the Deleted scenes.


Tea-lightful Valentine's Day

Sometimes the mood strikes to do a last-minute tea. In this case, since I had some leftover sandwiches, scones & sweets from the Assoc. of Bridal Consultant's Tea Party & Fashion Show I decided to not let it go to waste on just a solo tea.

So I threw together this little tea table on my "porch" (we don't really have porches in So Cal - my dream house will have a wrap-around porch). I called some of my neighbor girlfriends to come join me, and luckily they were available!
Along with the leftovers, I served hot Cream Earl Grey tea, sparkling pink lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit with pink whip cream, and pink cupcakes -"jolla" a Valentine's Day Tea!

We sat and chatted for quite a while. That's what I love about having tea - it forces you to slow down and enjoy good conversation and good friends. Sometimes the last-minute-don't-fuss get together's are the best!

Click here to view the photo gallery.


T Cups & A Lines

The "Fashion Show & Tea Party" for the Association of Bridal Consultant's (known as ABC) Orange County Chapter held at the salon I Do Bridal Couture & Formal Wear was a success.

It was a lot of work, and due to a limited budget, I was not able to have any servers/helpers, soI was definitely popping the Advil Geltabs! I'm getting too old for this kind of physical work. Anyone know of a reliable starving college student looking for some part-time work? *wink*

A couple of emails of thanks from the steering committee:

Hi Risa,
I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work on the beautiful tea on Tuesday. You really did over do yourself. Everything was just perfect. All the gals were so impressed with the great tables and food you presented. I am so appreciative.
Thank you again, Melody

Thank you Risa, for putting on an amazing tea party! It was so fun for the coordinators, and we appreciate all of the work and time you put into creating a stylish affair.
Cheers To You, Marla

Thanks for having me be a part of it!

We are waiting for the professional photos from Bob Ortiz but in the meantime, Click here to view a few of the photos I took.