Face Painting as a Fundraiser

Last night I was able to provide face painting for my daughter's preschool fundraiser.

They had a Fall Carnival & Silent Auction (it was belated due to the So Cal fires and the date got pushed back), so myself and Rebecca,
my fellow face painting and party planner friend came to help out. We had a great time and I think we were able to contribute to the fundraising efforts as the room was filled the entire time with children and parents who were waiting in line.

Fund Raiser TIPS:

I highly recommend face painting as a fund raiser for your school or other event. Not only does it give the event an element of partyness (is that a word?...well it is now) with kids and adults walking around with color on their faces, but it is also a form of entertainment.

Don't feel like you have to be a Picasso in order to face paint. If you decide to give it a try, here are some tips:

  • DO NOT use acrylic or tempura paints to face paint with. Even though it may say non-toxic it is not wise or safe for use on the facial area and could cause a reaction. PLEASE only use products that are made just for face painting. There are so many wonderful face painting makeup products, that there is no reason to be using acrylics. I use Snazaroo & Paradise face paints which is one of the most popular brand of face paints on the market. You can purchase Snaz products at their website (they have a discount for non-profit orgs) or from Silly Farm which is where I get most of my FP supplies. The best brushes to try are a Round #5 and #3 that you can buy at Michaels or Silly Farm. I like the Loew-Cornell brand, they have a yellow handle or the American Painter they have a metallic mauve handle.
  • Search online or Google the most popular face paint designs. It does not have to be complete, full face designs but you can do a mask, one eye or half face. Cheek art can actually take longer to paint than a quick butterfly, mask or muzzle.
  • Check out step-by-step how to's face paint designs on You Tube . Silly Farm also has videos to watch of popular designs.
  • No matter the results or outcome of your design, children really don't care, they just absolutely LOVE having paint on their face!
  • But if you don't want to attempt the whole face painting thing, just hire a face painter - it will be worth it for your fund raiser! If you are in the Orange County area and need a face painter, go to ColorfulFaceArt.com and we would love to provide you with face painting services!